Vynfields 2008 Pinot Noir (Martinborough, NZ)

Vynfields pinot noir 2008

I few years ago during a visit to Martinborough, I missed the opportunity to have lunch at Vynfield vineyard but my wonderful wife managed to make it and kindly brought me back a bottle of their pinot (what else) with glowing reports. It has been resting in my cellar until now and I am privileged to share my tasting notes as this is a superb wine.

colour – super intense, blood red.
nose – intoxicating (not in the literal sense!), lifted, notes of charcuterie, violets, fresh berries on nose.
palate – vibrant mixed red berries, blueberry, chocolate, cloves with some earthy characters.
The texture of this wine is layered with a very, very fine chalky texture provided presence but still etherial month feel. The experience is very long, mouth filling and lingering: almost indefinite with a lick of liquorice and spices at the end. 
The Vynfield pinot noir is a very special, almost etherial wine – one that evokes poetry and reminds me why pinot is so special. A holistic experience, not often found outside of burgundy, where all the senses are completely engaged and entranced.  
Vynfields is a boutique organic/biodynamic vineyard in Martinborough, owned by John Bell and Kaye McAulay who are very passionate about producing Pinot Noir using traditional methods. According to their website, they are under conversion to organic viticulture certified by Bio-Gro New Zealand. Sprays and fertilizers used include, seaweed extracts, fish meal, sodium silicate, calcium and the Bio-Dynamic preparations.  There wines are made by outstanding winemakers Kai Schubert and Marion Deimling (www.schubert.co.nz) and their deft hand can certainly be seen in this wine.


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