About paul

Wine writer and retired vigneron. Passionate about pinot noir with 15 + years experience growing, making and marketing pinot noir. Extensive tasting experience including advanced wine tasting qualifications and international seminars.

Bass Phillip (Gippsland, Victoria, Australia)

This week I had the privilege of visiting the Bass Phillip winery and spending four enthralling, informative and sensory-expanding hours with winemaker Phillip Jones. I was very excited but a little apprehensive because he is an icon of the Australian … Continue reading

Red Wine (contains a compound that) may be helpful in preventing and treating cancer.

Red Wine (contains a compound that) may be helpful in preventing and treating cancer. Over indulging in alcohol, is likely to increase your risk of certain cancers, but a University of Colorado team explains how a compound in red wine maybe useful in … Continue reading

Josef Chromy 2013 pinot noir (Tasmania, Australia)

I had the pleasure of drinking the Josef Chromy 2013 pinot noir from Tasmania last night with friends over a meal. It matched well with a variety of dishes we sampled including calamari with vietnamese salad, grilled snapper and waygu … Continue reading