Larry McKenna

I have meet Larry on a couple of occasions and always found him to be gracious and willing to not only showcase his wines and winery but also to be helpful with advise and information. On the last occasion when I visited after Pinot Noir 2010, we enjoyed a fabulous line-up of Escapement wines at the winery.

Larry is an established iconic pinot noir winemaker in NZ and worldwide.  His reputation for winemaking and skillfuly crafting great pinot noir is legendary. He plays an important role in the establishment and maintenance of New Zealand as a world class Pinot Noir producing nation.  Larry promotes exchange and sharing of learning and knowledge so that there is a continuous improvements in wines in NZ and enhancement of the NZ reputation. Despite his formidable reputation, I have found Larry to be relaxed, friendly and modest. A real ambassador for NZ pinot noir even though he was born in Adelaide and learnt his craft at the Roseworthy Agricultural College.

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Wine writer and retired vigneron. Passionate about pinot noir with 15 + years experience growing, making and marketing pinot noir. Extensive tasting experience including advanced wine tasting qualifications and international seminars.

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