Stefani Estate The View 2007 pinot noir (Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia)

Stefani The ViewStefani Estate The View 2007 pinot noir (Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia)

This Yarra Valley vineyard at Long Gully Rd was established in 1997 and planted shortly after. The fruit for this wine was sourced from this vineyard on the high ridge above Long Gully Road and hence the name “The View”. This is definitely a cooler part of the valley and certainly more suitable for pinot noir than on the valley floor. However this wine is still typical of the Yarra Valley showing big bold flavours and ripeness.

On the nose, I found mint, spice, earth and gamey complexity. On the palate, savoury elements and game morph into dark red berry and plum flavours with a lick of mint chocolate. It has big, bold, expansive middle palate but still maintaining purity of fruit and is not stewed. The finish features charred oak with almost prickly spice and black pepper. The texture is good with acceptable smooth tannins. The fruit is short on the palate but spice and oak linger with a touch of boiled sweets. For my taste I found the spice and peppery elements detracted from the finish and were a little overpowering. I’m sure others would find it added interest and complexity to this powerful wine.

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